Are you looking for a different gift for someone special? Then my gift vouchers toward Italian lessons with me could be what you’re looking for!

Helping someone to learn a new language is a wonderful gift. Learning Italian opens the door to so many things, whether it’s for travel, understanding the culture, art and history, or business. So if you know someone who has an interest in Italy, then my gift vouchers are a perfect match. 

The vouchers can be used towards a single lesson or a whole course with me.

Italian lessons gift voucher

Who can I buy them for?

Almost anyone! I teach adults, and have helped people from their twenties to their nineties learn la bella lingua (the beautiful language).

How can they be used?

If you purchase a voucher for Italian lessons, I send you a personalised electronic gift certificate with the recipients name on, which you can forward to them. The voucher is valid for 12 months by that person, and all they need to do is contact me to book lessons and redeem the voucher. These can be used for one or more 1:1 lessons, or can go towards the cost of a 10 week course with me, either 1:1 or one of my Italian group classes.

How much do the Italian lesson gift vouchers cost?

Vouchers are from £30 upwards and can be used toward the cost of lessons or a 10 week course.

Please contact me if you would like to arrange a voucher for a higher value, or would like to book a 10 week course as a special gift.

How do I buy an Italian lesson gift voucher?

To purchase a voucher just use the Paypal link below

Once you’ve purchased your voucher, please contact me to let me know who the vouchers are for, and which email address you would like them to be sent to.

Italian lesson gift vouchers