• Italian verbs : Avere – To Have

    Let’s learn when to use the Italian verb “To Have”

    Keep calm and speak Italian

    Avere is used with many idioms and expressions that normally use the verb “to be” in English:

    avere fame – to be hungry
    avere sete – to be thirsty
    avere caldo – to be warm
    avere freddo – to be cold
    avere fretta – to be in a hurry
    avere paura (di) – to be afraid (of)
    avere ragione – to be right
    avere torto – to be wrong
    avere sonno – to be sleepy
    avere bisogno di – to need
    avere voglia di – to want, to feel like
    avere 20 anni – to be 20 years old

    When avere is followed by a word beginning with a consonant, the final -e is often dropped: aver caldo, aver fretta, aver ragione, etc.

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