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Eating in Italy: Ordering food in Italian


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Do you want to learn how to order food at the local Italian deli – La salumeria in Italian? Here’s how:
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Eating in Italy: Ordering food in Italian – Italian food vocabulary

At the salumeria – Italian deli

Prosciutto di Parma – salt-cured, air-dried ham, aged in or around Parma for months.
Prosciutto San Daniele – salt-cured, air-dried ham from San Daniele in the Friuli region of Northeastern Italy
Speck – dry-cured, smoked ham from Northern Italy
Coppa (in Lombardy and Emilia Romagna) – cured sausage made of pork shoulder
Coppa (in central Italy) – cured sausage made of pork head
Finocchiona – fennel-flavored cured pork sausage
Guanciale – cured pork jowl
Pancetta – pork belly, cured but not smoked. It’s bacon with an Italian accent.
Pancetta affumicata – smoked pancetta
Porchetta – spit-roasted stuffed pig

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