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     Counting in Italian
    How to Count from 1 to 100 in Italian

    Ciao a tutti! Hope you’ve all had a nice Easter or Pasqua in Italian! I always get asked about how to count in Italian and so I thought I’d do a nice little blog post about it.

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    Italian Cardinal Numbers: 1 – 100

    1 uno 11 undici 21 ventuno 31 trentuno
    2 due 12 dodici 22 ventidue 32 trentadue
    3 tre 13 tredici 23 ventitré 33 trentatré
    4 quattro 14 quattordici 24 ventiquattro 40 quaranta
    5 cinque 15 quindici 25 venticinque 50 cinquanta
    6 sei 16 sedici 26 ventisei 60 sessanta
    7 sette 17 diciassette 27 ventisette 70 settanta
    8 otto 18 diciotto 28 ventotto 80 ottanta
    9 nove 19 diciannove 29 ventinove 90 novanta
    10 dieci 20 venti 30 trenta 100 cento

    Writing Numbers in Italian
    When -tre is the last digit of a larger number, it takes an accent: ventitré, trentatré, quarantatré, and so on.

    The numbers venti, trenta, and so on drop the final vowel before adding -uno or otto: ventuno, ventotto.

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