Learn Italian Manchester

Would you like to learn Italian online via Zoom or Skype? Then I can help!

Learning Italian online with Zoom or Skype has been really popular with my students during the pandemic, as it provides a way for them to learn without having to come to a classroom environment. It’s also been popular for students who are busy and lack time to travel regularly to an Italian class or who are too far from your local class for it to be convenient.

How to learn Italian online

To learn Italian via skype is easy. Skype is a great communication tool and enables us to communicate face to face and even share written Italian exercises, comments, spelling and grammar tips during the lessons. I have many students that have advanced their level significantly through my Learn Italian via Skype courses.

Lessons are customised to suit your needs and level, whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced level speaker. I enjoy helping my students reach their particular learning goals and devise lessons to enable them to learn relevant vocabulary, whether they are learning for pleasure, business, or studying toward a qualification.

Here are some kind words from students on my Learn Italian via Skype courses

“Having been asked to be Best Man for a friend of mine who is marrying an Italian in 2014 I wanted to impress my audience by learning Italian prior to the wedding in Rome. My wife also wanted to learn so what better way to enhance our lives by embarking on this challenge together. We struck gold by finding Amedea as her passion, enthusiasm and knowledge for teaching Italian is second to none. We have weekly lessons by Skype so do not even have to leave the comfort of our own home; a real blessing with a young family and existing time commitments. Grazie Amedea!” Nick & Beverley Truter

“I have been learning Italian with Amedea on skype and have found it to be an excellent experience. At first, I was unsure as to whether skype was a good way of learning, as I felt that maybe attending a class would be more useful, but my work schedule would not allow for the time to attend classes, so I gave skype a try. I’m very happy that I did. Amedea is a great teacher and I love the lessons! She makes learning relevant to my needs and the wonderful thing about one-to-one over skype is that the learning is personalised. You can move at your own speed and when there’s something you’re struggling with, you don’t have to worry about taking up the time of others in the class! We have copies of the same books and homework is done and checked easily via email. I highly recommend both skype as a learning platform and Amedea as an Italian teacher.”  Nicola Prior

“Initially, I was reluctant about using skype as a means to learn a foreign language. After the 1st session with Amedea, I changed my mind. She is an excellent tutor and makes the sessions engaging and fun. I would heartily recommend her as a teacher and have booked a 2nd set of lessons. Skype allows me to learn in my own home at my own speed and you get one-to-one attention, which for me would be lacking in a classroom environment. Also, it allows me to learn without the time and expense of travelling, which is a definite bonus after a long day at work!” Richard Noble

Please contact Amedea at hello@learnitalianmanchester.co.uk for more information.

  • Helen Day-Mayer

    Amedea is an inspiring and superb teacher. It's such a user-friendly experience. Amedea is especially versatile in her teaching style, method and approach; she can adapt and modify to the needs of individuals, whilst maintaining a group cohesion. Her classes are fun, engaging and extremely supportive. Amedea provides an exceptional resource here in Manchester. I cannot recommend her highly enoug

  • Matt Kirk

    I can't recommend Amedea or her classes highly enough. I began learning with Amedea 4 years ago and couldn't speak a word of Italian and have now recently moved to Italy for a year, thanks to Amedea's lessons. Amedea is a fantastic teacher who always makes the lessons friendly and fun but also challenges each student to ensure you improve. Amedea very astutely gauges lessons and learning material so you can work towards your goals, be they the ability to perhaps book a table or hire car on holiday, or even to move to Italy! In my day job I am a busy professional person but the workload with Amedea is manageable and the weekly lesson always cheered me up. Amedea is also always available throughout the week to help or give advice.

  • Laura Beattie

    I love going to the lessons. Amedea makes the class fun and interactive. I always feel like I am learning and I look forward to the lessons each week and practising at home. Amedea is so funny and is so welcoming! Really happy I chose to learn with Amedea!

  • John P

    I can honestly say the highlight of our week is Amedea’s Italian class – so thrilled that we decided to join. As a couple we wanted to learn Italian but were not making a lot of progress with just tapes. Amedea is a wonderful teacher and her lessons are so much fun. She is such a passionate and engaging teacher. Our Italian is getting better every week and we can’t wait to re-visit the Amalfi coast later this year. We will be signing up for the intermediate class without doubt. If you want to learn Italian I cannot recommend Amedea highly enough.

  • Joe Allsopp

    I can highly recommend Amedea's Italian classes. She has an infectious enthusiasm which encourages learning in a fun environment. Lessons are tailored to your ability and requirements, with plenty of useful information which only a native Italian could teach you. Languages are not my strong suit, but my Italian improved considerably....and I actually enjoyed the experience!

  • John Henry

    Learning Italian with Amedea has been a very good experience. I contacted her initially to do some translation for me and then went on to have lessons. I am in London and she is based in the Manchester Area, so we had one to one lessons on Skype. This is a great medium for learning. Amedea was able to use the instant messaging to write sentences and words for me to keep and refer to between lessons. We were also able to exchange files and pictures. It was very convenient because I didn't need to travel and had the lessons at my own desk at home. I highly recommend Amedea as a teacher. She is very patient and encouraging, and I found her very motivating.

  • Jessica Genovese

    If you’re thinking if starting Italian or polishing your language skills, I highly recommend these classes! The groups are a good size and you have the opportunity to talk every lesson and practise as a group and in smaller pairings. You will learn key grammar and also colloquial language to help when you’re away. I started Italian night classes about a year ago and have grown in confidence and had a really good time as well! The people that go to the classes are warm and friendly and Amadea is awesome! She engages you with her teaching and fab sense of humour. Do it....sign up, give it a go and you’ll soon develop a bigger love for Italian and Italy!!

  • Melissa McBride

    Amedea is so welcoming and really patient which is what you need when trying to learn a new language! She made learning Italian so fun. Can’t wait to come back for my next course.

  • Gareth Harris

    I’ve been learning Italian with Amedea since January 2018 and it’s been a fantastic experience. The lessons are fun, practical and engaging. I’ve been lucky to be in a class with a great group who have thrown themselves into giving it a go! I’ve taken what I have learnt from Amedea on two trips to Italy and managed to put into practice much of the content of the lessons. Amedea has huge passion for teaching Italian and provides an environment where it’s okay to make mistakes with vocabulary and pronunciation. (And she has a cracking sense of humour!). I’m a high school teacher so I really recognised and welcomed such an environment.

  • Maggie C

    Amedea’s classes are terrific. She brings such enthusiasm and humour to them that even beginners like my husband and I were swept along and speaking Italian from lesson one. Her classes are fun, stimulating and practical - exactly what you need to learn a new language.

  • Matthew Gemson

    Amedea is a fantastic tutor both in class and 1 to 1. Her classes are fun and friendly and very good for beginners as she ensures you are fully involved. She is always on hand in and out of class to help assist with anything you are struggling with. I would highly recommend if you're interested in learning Italian, as you're sure to learn quickly whilst having fun along the way.

  • David Turner

    Amedea's a brilliant teacher who I totally recommend - after starting tuition with her as a beginner, I was able to speak Italian on stage at a business conference in Italy 12 months later - couldn't have done it without all her enthusiasm and support!