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    Stare + gerundio

    This construction is used very frequently in Italian. We use it to indicate an action that takes place in this precise moment, at the time we are speaking.

    The gerund is used with the present tense of verb stare (to be/to stay)

    Take a look at these examples:

    Simonetta sta lavorando. – Simonetta is working

    Matteo sta leggendo. – Matt is reading

    I bambini stanno giocando. – The children are playing

    Sto facendo la fila – I’m queuing up

    We form this construction using the verb ‘stare’ with the ‘gerundio’ of the verb:

    • ARE verbs add “-ando”. Example:  parl-ando   (speaking)
    • ERE verbs add “-endo”. Example:  vend-endo   (selling)
    • IRE verbs add “-endo”. Example:  dorm-endo   (sleeping)
    • Verbs ending in -are form the gerundio by adding the suffix -ando to the root of the verb. Examples: lavorare-lavorando / giocare-giocando / parlare-parlando
    • Verbs ending in -ere/-ire form the gerundio by adding the suffix -endo to the root of the verb
    • Examples: leggere-leggendo/ tenere-tenendo / venire-venendo / dormire-dormendo

    The following three verbs are the only irregular ones:

    fare: facendo

    dire: dicendo

    bere: bevendo

    As mentioned before, we use this construction to talk about something happening now, in this exact moment. See these further examples:

    Sto aspettando il mio treno. I’m waiting for my train.

    Antonio sta giocando a carte. Anthony is playing cards.

    Rita sta mangiando un gelato. Rita is eating an ice cream.

    Stiamo bevendo un caffe’ al bar. Vuoi raggiungerci?

    We’re drinking an caffe’ at the Bar. Do you want to join us?


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