• Months of the year in Italian: Learn Italian in Manchester

    Months of the year in Italian: Learn Italian in Manchester

    January gennaio jehn-nah-yoh
    February febbraio fehb-brah-yoh
    March marzo mar-tsoh
    April aprile ah-pree-leh
    May maggio mahd-joh
    June giugno joo-nyoh
    July luglio loo-lyoh
    August agosto ah-goh-stoh
    September settembre seht-tehm-breh
    October ottobre oht-toh-breh
    November novembre noh-vehm-breh
    December dicembre dee-chem-breh
    week la settimana lah sett-ee-mah-nah
    month il mese eel meh-zeh
    year l’anno lahn-noh


    Amedea De Cataldis aka Learn Italian Manchester specialises in one-to-one and group Italian classes in Manchester for all levels. Originally from Turin, Northern Italy, Amedea has been teaching Italian for over 10 years.

    Her informal, relaxed and fun classes cater for absolutely everyone, from complete beginners to those wanting to improve and perfect their current level. What’s really special about her as an Italian language tutor is her ability to speak fluent English. Having lived in the UK for many years she has a strong understanding of the English language, with all its subtleties, local expressions, irony and colloquialism. This is a huge advantage in her work as it helps to explain and be better understood in teaching.

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