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    Italian Personal Subject Pronouns:

    Persons Singular Plural

    1st. person io » I noi » we
    2nd. person familiar tu » you voi » you
    2nd. person polite* Lei » you Loro » You
    3rd. person lui » him loro » them
    lei »her loro » them
    esso » it (m.) essi » them (m.)
    essa » it (f.) esse » them (f.)

    In Italian there are 7 personal subject pronouns: 4 singular, 3 plural. Personal subject pronouns are usually dropped as the conjugation is usually enough to determine the grammatical person. They are used when some emphasis is needed or if the subject remains not clear.

    Io sono Marco                  I am Mark
    Lui è un mio amico         He is my friend
    Noi siamo italiani            We are Italian
    Loro amano viaggiare   They love travelling


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