May 18

Italian tutor Manchester: I Love Italian Cuisine


So there are many reasons (probably more than 10) to learn to speak Italian in Manchester. But the one that most of my students refer to is: Food and Wine. Italian cuisine is simple but so tasty. I often despair at how difficult it is to find a decent Italian Restaurant in Manchester. If you know any new ones please get in touch !!

I often get asked by my students to do a whole Italian lesson based on food and drinks:

A typical meal in Italy consists of:

        • Aperitivo– Appetizer before a large meal
          My absolute favourite is Cinzano from my hometown of Turin – Cin Cin (cheers in Italian)
        • Antipasto – There are hot and cold starters
          My absolute favourite is Bruschetta di pomodoro
        • Primo – The first course (pasta, risotto, gnocchi, polenta or soup)
          My absolute favourite is Ravioli con sugo di arrosto (Ravioli from Piemonte my region)
        • Secondo – The main dish (fish or meat)
          Saltimbocca alla Romana
        • Contorno – Side dish (salad or cooked vegetables)
          Verdure alla griglia
        • Formaggio e frutta – cheese and fruits” can be the first dessert – I don’t eat cheese!!!
        • Dolce – Desert
          For me personally nothing beats Gelato Artigianale
        • Caffè – Coffee
        • Digestivo– Digestives (liquors such as grappa, amaro, limoncello, nocino)Here’s a few photos of my favourite italian dishes and drinks

Aperol Spritz recipe

If you live in Manchester and have one or two hours free to dedicate to a new hobby, why not learn to speak Italian with Learn Italian Manchester? Get in touch to find out about existing Italian for beginners classes in Chorlton and Didsbury and other locations: hello at


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