• 10 Reasons to learn Italian: Coffee culture


    Reason N.1 – Italian Coffee Menu – So Much Choice!
    Italian coffee is one reason to travel to Italy. You see people lined up against the bar counters looking at the baristas in the morning half asleep (or totally asleep still!!) literally come alive after they’ve had their choice of morning caffeine fix. Coffee culture is deep in Italy and taken very seriously. I know a lot of Italians travel around the world with their favourite caffettiera in their suitcase..ha ha!

    Which coffee should you try in Italy? There are so many to choose from?



    On several occasions my students have told me they visited Italy went to a bar and ordered a coffee and got an espresso, a thick tar-like substance served in the smallest of cups – the ones you would find in a child’s dolls house tea service.

    Coffee espresso learn Italian in DidsburySource: enjoyart.com via Ms. on Pinterest

    If Espresso is way too strong for you, please remember to ask for a caffe Americano then you get a cup of black coffee. In Italian: “Vorrei un caffe’ Americano per favore”.
    There are so many variants on Italian coffee. Below I’ve listed the types of coffee you will come across while on holiday in Italy.
    •    Caffè espresso: a small cup of very strong coffee
    •    Caffè Americano: American-style coffee, but stronger; weaker than espresso and served in a large cup
    •    Caffè corretto: coffee with a shot of grappa, cognac, or other spirit – you might not know but Italians like to put alcohol in everything!!
    •    Caffè doppio: double espresso – mighty strong
    •    Caffè freddo: iced coffee
    •    Caffè Hag: decaffeinated coffee
    •    Caffè latte: hot milk mixed with coffee
    •    Caffè macchiato espresso: it literally means “stained” with a drop of steamed milk small cappuccino
    •    Caffè marocchino: espresso with a dash of hot milk and cacao powder
    •    Caffè stretto: espresso with less water
    •    Cappuccino: espresso: infused with steamed milk
    •    Granita di caffè con panna: frozen, iced beverage and topped with whipped cream

    Why stop at only twelve? There must be more! Get in touch and tell me which ones I’ve forgotten to list!! Learn Italian in Manchester wants to know your favourite Cafe and your choice of coffee in Manchester, Didsbury and Chorlton email me: hello at learnitalianmanchester.co.uk   Here’s some of my favourite pictures:

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     Coffe in Manchester Learn italian

















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